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Cardboard Recycling - Porterville, California

Below you will find locations that handle cardboard recycling such as corrugated cardboard box disposal by delivery or receptacle pick-up. You will also find recycling centers for other types of recyclables such as plastic recycling, metal recycling, waste management, computer and electronics recycling and more in addition to the centers for Cardboard Recycling in Porterville.
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Boomerang Recycling Center
187 W Olive Avenue
Porterville, California (559) 781-7124

605 E Date Avenue
Porterville, California (559) 359-8079

R & F Recycling

Porterville, California (559) 792-3937

Recycle Center No 1
774 W Olive Avenue
Porterville, California (559) 781-9481

Recycle Depot
81 E Gibbons Avenue
Porterville, California (559) 784-0387