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Cardboard Recycling - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Below you will find locations that handle cardboard recycling such as corrugated cardboard box disposal by delivery or receptacle pick-up. You will also find recycling centers for other types of recyclables such as plastic recycling, metal recycling, waste management, computer and electronics recycling and more in addition to the centers for Cardboard Recycling in Oklahoma City.
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A-Ok Pallet Recyclers
2211 S May Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 681-8090

Air Mac Inc
1104 SE 59th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 632-2510

Basin Environmental & Safety
325 N Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 232-5737

Boomer Environmental
4208 Oakbrook Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 417-3333

Business Courier Service
1141 SE Grand Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 619-9331

C & J Metals
1905 S Eastern Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 672-2414

Campbell Crushing
6900 S Sunnylane Road
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 672-6800

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